Family Sessions

I believe in capturing your family as they are—beautiful, unscripted and full of love. I believe that in order to do that—there needs to be enough time allowed to let that connection unfold naturally, so my sessions are scheduled to be at least an hour and a half long. I am a natural light photographer, so outdoor sessions will typically begin two hours before sunset and can include up to two locations.

While I believe in unscripted family portraits, that doesn’t mean that I don’t give you direction. It just means that my guidance is subtle and more natural than what you may think of “traditional” family portraits. I want you to laugh, I want your hair to blow in the wind, and I want you to feel relaxed enough to be yourself, because your family is beautiful—just as you are.

Family sessions are all about the family—and that means the whole family—so mom and dad, don’t be surprised when I ask the two of you to take just a few moments just for yourself, so that I can capture the love that created your beautiful family. I will also capture the interactions of siblings and each child individually. I don’t limit myself creatively when capturing a family, so there will be a minimum of 50 images presented in both color and black & white, for you to choose from at our ordering session.

The family session fee is 200.00 and includes a pre-session consultation (via email, phone, skype or google hangout).

During the consultation we will talk about some of your goals for your family photography and how you plan to display your family portraiture. We will also go over locations, wardrobe choices and how the session flow will go. Most importantly, we will talk about your family—I want to know all about your children—who is shy? Who is more outgoing and loves the camera? The more we chat—the more relaxed the session day will feel. That means you don’t have to feel stressed or worried during our session because I will already have a plan to make sure you get all the images you’ve been hoping and dreaming of!

After the session, we will sit down in person and go over every image presented in your gallery. I will help you pick digital images, images for printing and collection ordering—so that you can tell the story of your family, however you like—whether it is all digital, filling the walls of your home with framed art, or a beautiful album waiting to greet your guests on a coffee table.

Digital Collections begin at $250.00, though most clients typically invest between $500.00 to $700.00 on their digital photography.

If you’re ready to schedule a session—or—if you would like to chat with me first, please use the “Contact Elizabeth” form and I will get back with you!